Armenia's answer

These are your questions and our answers:

1.Which professions are most in demand in your country at the moment?


In our country, tourism and IT industries are most in demand, we think.


  2.What kind of education and training is required to do these professions, and how long is the period of study?

            For both professions, higher education is required. At least 4 years for bachelors’ degree is needed.


  3.What professions skills do you foresee being in high demand in the next 5/10/25 years?


The following skills we foresee:

a)    Languages

b)    ICT

c)    Judiciary

d)    Health

e)    Education


   4.What can we do as teachers to make our alumni become more successful in the international job market?


We need to learn all the time so that we have necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that are needed today and  tomorrow so that we can transfer those to our students.


    5.What direction do you see teacher training taking in the future? How can we ensure teachers’ knowledge keeps pace with students’ knowledge?

             First of all, subject matter training so that the teachers learn the innovations within their