A survey

Dear Colleagues!

In the first Case Study we described the preliminary results, received within the framework of our project, which is called “Socially successful school- teachers-alumni”. In the process of implementation of the project our aims and goals were to find out what teachers and school leaders have been doing to make our school leavers socially successful in their lives. You can find the text of our Case on our community site.

Now we are continuing the realization of the project and we are interested in the following information: what should be done to make our alumni be in great demand and, therefore, become socially successful not only within the country, but at the international job market as well. It is not a secret that both educational process and international integration of a job market has become more open. On the other hand poor integration of young people in the job market can cause serious problems.

That’s why we kindly ask you to answer our questions. We hope that it won’t take you long. The results of the survey and our suggestions on their use will be given in the second Case.

Thank you very much for your understanding and help!

These are our questions to be asked:

  1. Which professions are most in demand in your country at the moment?

  2. What kind of education and training is required to do these professions, and how long is the period of study?

  3. What professions skills do you foresee being in high demand in the next 5/10/25 years?

  4. What can we do as teachers to make our alumni become more successful in the international job market?

  5. What direction do you see teacher training taking in the future? How can we ensure teachers’ knowledge keeps pace with students’ knowledge?